Module #2: Agent Only Trainings

Module #2 continues to provide you with helpful hints and tips for effective VA training. It includes 3 instructional videos along with numerous useful links. You will begin by learning:

  • Why it's better to hire a full-time VA vs part-time.
  • The most important expectation to establish with your new VA.
  • How efficient and consistent communication will save you from one of outsourcing's potential pains.

This module will also guide you through the basics of pre-hiring, answering the following common questions:

  1. What's the most important quality to consider when looking for qualifications in a potential VA?
  2. How do you know what kind of qualifications to require?
  3. Do you need to know what you want your VA to do before you hire them?

Several educational links will help you better understand your VA's real estate foundation (if you choose to hire someone with a real estate background) and how it differs from US real estate. Some of the explanations include:

  • Entrance/Statutory/Licensing Requirements in the Philippines
  • The Filipino Marketing System
  • Filipino Real Estate Discipline/Code of Ethics
  • Other basic principles of real estate as practiced in the Philippines

You will also find instruction on how to create your own video trainings. This module will teach you about the best training creation software and how to download it for free.

This module will prep you for the landslide of information in Module #3: how to hire, train and manage your assistant.