Module #3: Becoming the $300/hr Agent

This module is packed with information on how to hire, train, and manage your first Filipino VA. Each of the steps in this module is crucial to your training success, so it's important to carefully study all of the information provided.

It's packed with webinars, Q&As, itemized lists, and and everything else you need to start outsourcing now.

This module gives you all of the tools to:

  1. Hire your first worker with
  2. Manage your first Filipino worker with
  3. Train your new hire with John's help.
You will learn:
  • Where to find the most qualified jobseekers.
  • The best way to communicate with your VA.
  • How to track your employee's hours and progress.
  • The most effective way to train your employee.
  • How to pay your employee.
  • How to address tax concerns.
  • And more...

Hire your first virtual assistant gives you access to over 65,000 Filipino resumes and profiles. It simplifies your search for the perfect employee with:

  • Advanced Search- find employees based on salary demands, availability date etc...
  • Skill Search- search Filipino resumes by skill and proficiency.
  • "Done for You" Option- for a fee, we help you find the perfect match and ensure satisfaction with your new hire.
  • Pre-found Workers- search through resumes of jobseekers who are ready to work and have been tested and proven in their skill and availability.
Manage Your Filipino VA is an easy way to communicate with, train and keep track of your employees' progress. To maximize efficiency, this module includes basic training on how to implement

Train your new hire:

John and Dan have put together a basic tutorial on the best way to create and implement trainings for your Filipino VAs. It's easy to understand and provides links to essential training resources.

Once you receive this module, your VA's trainings will automatically upload to

Also included in this Training Module:

  • Core Training Call
  • Introduction and Expectations Audio
  • The Top 15 common Mistakes in Outsourcing (and How to Avoid Them)
  • Question and Answer Conference Call
  • Tips and Tricks Audio (Additional Q&A)
The contents of this module will guide you in your first crucial steps toward outsourcing (and the freedom it brings).