Module #12: Craigslist

Classified postings are a great way to both sell individual homes and to increase the visibility of your website and services. Craigslist offers great advantages and it's easy for you and your VA to use.

We'll explain the 4 reasons you should post to Craigslist (to help make your ads more targeted and effective). ***You're not just posting to sell the house!***

  1. How to get 200+ buyer leads per month with Craigslist.
  2. How to capture maximum buyer leads with your ads.
  3. How to specialize the links in your listings so you don't lose the interest of potential buyers.
You'll find 2 training videos for you:
  • Agent posts to Craigslist
  • Tips on getting buyer leads from Craigslist

Both will help you understand specialized tactics to use in Craigslist postings and how to utilize your VA in the process. This module also addresses the following issues:

  1. How your VA can change their IP address to be eligible to post on craigslist.
  2. What to do if Craigslist "ghosts" your postings.
  3. Why you should be manually posting to other Classified sites (IDX cannot auto post to classifieds).
  4. And more...

You'll also be given guidelines on what to include and what NOT to include in your posting and how to get buyers to click on the link to your website.