Module #4: Direct Mail Marketing

This module will teach you how to seize the advantages of direct mail marketing utilizing your Filipino VA. You'll never have to spend tedious hours designing postcards or licking stamps again. You'll find the keys to:

Increase your response rate with 5 Tips from Pros to make your direct mail marketing campaign infallible. Empower your call to action with these guaranteed techniques. Cater to your target market.

You'll be guided through 6+ types of direct mail marketing you can entrust to your VA so you never have to worry about it again.

Our professionals also address:
  • How often you need to send repeated offers to get results.
  • "Farm Marketing" and the 4 points of using it successfully.
  • How often to contact your sphere of influence via direct mail AND how to use your VA to create a contact routine.

Along with a list of the 3 best direct mail printers, we include a training for your VA: How to use to create, dispense and manage your direct mailings.