Module #15: Managing Email

This module will help free you from tiresome email routines and increase the consistency of your responsiveness to your clients and other realtors.

Using this module, you can teach your assistant how to sort, respond to and handle the material in your inbox. You can become a "calendar driven" business with prompt responses, follow-ups and other 'munication that your VA sends automatically. Giving your VA access to your email will help you stop stressing about what you've forgotten or don't have time to do. With this module, you'll learn to create and implement systems for your VA so they can:

  • Mimic your tone and writing style when writing email responses
  • Respond to monotonous inquiries
  • Recognize and deal with potential "problem clients"
  • Send out paperwork and reminders
  • Send automatic "thank yous" to clients
  • Sync email events/appointments to your calendar
  • ...The list is endless!

While your VA juggles your cyber communication, you'll have more time to spend face-to-face with clients and doing the things you enjoy.

This module includes 3 audio files- 2 for you and 1 for your assistant:
  1. Employer Email Training
  2. Employer Google Apps Training (integrating your email and calendar)
  3. Employee Email Training

With all of the information in your email, your VA will learn to understand your business on a more microscopic scale and become more valuable as an employee.