Module #8: Publishing Your SEO Profile Online

Online visibility is key to getting ahead in your local market. The majority of realtors don't recognize the advantage of a widely published online profile, and even fewer are willing to spend mind-numbing hours submitting information to directories and websites.

With your VA and the help of this module, you will gain an enormous advantage by extensively publishing your information across the web- with almost no time or inconvenience to you!

Follow these simple steps to syndicate your information across the web:

  1. Create an agent profile specific email address for your assistant to use.
  2. Fill out the specialized "Agent Profile" template provided by this module.
  3. Send a copy of the "Agent Profile" to your assistant.
  4. Ask your assistant to submit your information to our provided list of priority websites.
  5. Watch your response rates rise!
Our training module will teach your assistant how to list your profile on:
  • Online Search sites
  • Real Estate sites
  • Social Media sites

In this module, you'll find an exclusive list of links to priority online search sites, real estate sites and social media sites

where your VA should publish your profile.

You'll also learn how to use Yext to monitor where you're listed and decide where to publish your profile next.