Module # 9: Seller Sphere of Influence

Using your SOI as a realtor is an obvious move, but have you considered your seller's SOI? Approximately 21% of buyers find a home because of a referral from someone they know. You can harness that target market with a little help from your assistant and your seller. This module will teach you how to use SOCIAL MEDIA and EMAIL to double the SOI on any given listing.

  1. With your assistant's help, you can generate emails and social media postings specific to each of your listings.
  2. Then, have your VA send those postings (with property specific links) to the SELLER.
  3. Ask the seller to use his personal email, facebook, twitter etc... accounts to send out the postings.

Use the templates provided in this module to quickly prefabricate emails and social media postings for your SELLER to send to his/her SOI.

This tactic is not only effective for selling the house, it increases your visibility as a realtor (accompanied by a personal endorsement from your seller).

Your VA can generate the postings, create the property specific links to include in the postings and send your seller stats every other week to keep them excited and on board.